FERRET Technologies has a wide experience in creating virtual storefronts for online businesses with a well-designed and well-structured ecommerce website. With our proven ecom solutions you will be able to assure a user-friendly purchasing experience to all your customers.

We enrich the shopping experience of your customers by helping them reach their desired product category and any particular product in specific with ease and by providing a custom shopping-cart that allows them to modify the shopping cart items till checkout.

We enhance them by facilitating simple and secure transactions through independent payment gateways and merchant banking accounts and a faster checkout.

Our specialized administrative control can help you manage the contents of your website effectively, track online sales, view sales figures by various fields and access customer demographic information for follow-up and promotional activities.

Ecommerce Web Development - Services

  • B2B ecommerce solutions
  • B2C ecommerce solutions
  • E-catalogs
  • Internet promotion

The Ecommerce Edge

  • Ecommerce helps you gain a quick, easy and efficient way to reach out to larger target market
  • E-retail presence comes with a minimal administrative cost as compared to traditional retailing
  • Minimal supply chain costs that creates reduces end prices for your customers
  • Vital in sustaining the edge in a global competition
  • Makes you available to your customers 24/7/365