IT Staffing

Superior delivers flexible staffing solutions that help businesses improve efficiency and increase profitability. To meet all of your staffing needs, we offer a full complement of staffing services and specialized programs.

Staffing Services

  • Contract and Temporary Labor -
    Customers with excess or special workloads can hire Superior employees to work on an as-needed or contingent basis.
  • Contract-to-Direct Hire -
    Customers can assess a promising candidate by engaging him or her as a contract employee through Superior. If fully satisfied, the employee can be offered a direct position with the customer.
  • Direct Hire -
    We guarantee all of our placements and never charge a fee to our employees.
  • Payroll -
    Customers can refer individuals with proven skills to Superior, and we can hire them as contract employees assigned to that customer at a reduced cost.

Specialized Programs

  • Corporate Recruiting (Direct Hire) -
    Superior can provide dedicated, flexible, and responsive recruiting teams that source qualified candidates for your direct hire requirements.
  • Independent Contractor Compliance -
    Superior understands the challenges our customers face when attempting to monitor independent contractors in accordance with IRS and state regulations. We have developed Independent Contractor Administrative Services to provide customers with comprehensive risk and liability analysis.
  • Outsourced Staffing -
    In an effort to reallocate company resources, customers may wish to outsource selected departments to Superior. We administer these departments completely, from hiring employees to providing management reporting.