Why Ferret

FERRET TECHNOLOGIES strives to develop sustainable relationships based on mutual trust, responsiveness and accountability. While FERRET TECHNOLOGIES continues to expand the infrastructure and resources available to our clients, we remain nimble in our approach to customer service and the management of our relationships. In fact, we believe that one of our greatest assets is our ability to "deliver big" and "act small."

Customer Commitment:

  • Ferret's aim is to provide the best possible service to the individuals, businesses, organizations and communities with whom we work, and to demonstrate maximum transparency in all of our operations.
  • Client's striving for solutions to complex problems, is the challenge we seek; and the driving force behind our success. We bring delight to our customers by nurturing deeper relationships, by building innovative solutions, and by staying committed to business values. We endeavor to be a one-stop source for all their IT needs.


  • Prototyping is at the heart of our approach engaging Users and Managers in a way they can see and understand, then we develop offshore to lower costs and sustain long term product development.
  • Ferret prototyping begins with requirements collection, followed by Plan, Mock up design, and user evaluation & hence ends with customer satisfaction with suitable iterations (if required).
  • We present interactive prototypes of the information held in the software to make sure people understand the purpose of the software and how it helps them. With a reasonably clear set of prototypes the transition into development is simpler with lower risks. We also continue to make work visible during development, so clients see what's been built in line with the project plan typically every 7-10 days that however reduce cost, wastage (rework), increase efficiency & ensures customers with the development strategy at the conceptual stage of the design process.

CMMI Methodology:

  • Ferret, being in Process of CMMI Certification, however, follows Process based Development Methodology that ensures our customers with a quality end product.


  • Ferret's solutions are supported with Quality - Certified Documentation right from the Project initiation to project Acceptance that however ensures our customers with daily updated status, a part from manuals, reports etc. that helps requirement maps to the deliverables.

Effective work Environment:

  • Our Employees strive hard and put conscious efforts to create work environment having friendly colleagues and approachable management. We believe in transparency at all possible levels. This makes an excellent work environment where long term and satisfying relationships are built on mutual trust. You will have freedom from interference in your work as long as work is being delivered as per the expectations.

Crystal clear communication

  • Ferret is an Organization that provides open dynamic systems for transforming resource inputs into saleable outputs (goods & services). They are created to provide useful products and services that satisfy the needs of customers.

Risk Sharing

  • Today nothing is risk assured, hence Risk Management is the primary source that Ferret sticks to. Ferret risk analysis process provides the foundation for the entire recovery planning effort. Each functional area of the Project is well analyzed, risk list is prepared & suitable methods / solutions are being sorted out / implemented to prevent disaster threats.

Technical Expert:

  • We have a talented pool of Engineers that hold expertise in diverse domain.